The Bathing Season Starts on 8.4.22

In accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of the Interior, the bathing season will begin on April 8, 2022.

This date marks the opening of the following beaches in Herzliya:

Ha’Sharon Beach, Zvulun Beach, Nof Yam Beach, Acadia North Beach, Acadia Central Beach, Acadia South Beach, Ha’Kovhavim Beach, Segregated Beach (For Religious Observant Bathers).

At this stage Nof Yam Beach (Sidna Ali) will remain closed

In response to the danger of the cliff collapsing and causing injury to lifeguard station and bathers, upgrades and improvements are being made to the beach facilities and safety features. This work involves erecting a new lifeguard station, removing the old one, and upgrading other beach facilities for the public's safety.

Detailed information about the beach's opening will be provided at a later date.

Lifeguard Station Operation Hours During the Bathing Season

April 8 to May 31: 7:15 to 15:45 daily.

June 1 to 19: Sunday-Thursday 7:15.-15:45

Fridays, Saturdays and Holidays  at 16:45.

June 20 to August 31:  7:15 - 18:45 daily.

September 1 to October 24: Sunday-Thursday 7:15 -15:45

Fridays, Saturdays, Holiday Eves and Holidays at 16:45.



Preparing for the upcoming bathing season, Herzliya Municipality is preparing a 150 m long walking route to bypass the segregated beach in order to create a separation between bathers and those who enjoy walking on the beach.

A bridge will also be constructed to allow those arriving from the parking lot easy access to the beach.


We wish you a pleasant, safe and enjoyable bathing season.