Keeping the City Clean

City and Neighborhood Cleanliness - The city of Herzliya is regularly awarded five stars in terms of its beauty. Please assist us in maintaining the quality of life in the city by keeping it clean and well maintained.

How can you help us keep the city clean?

  • Are you planning to move and have unwanted boxes or cartons? Do you need to dispose of a lot of waste? A list of dedicated waste collection days can be found on the municipal website.
    For additional queries contact the municipal CIQD Division (City Improvement, Quality, and Development):
    Tel: 09-7743203,  Working hours Monday-Thursday 8:00-14:00.
  • The CIQD Division appoints a regional manager for each area of the city, their names and contact details can be found on the municipal website.
  • Herzliya Municipality has a branch of the Housing Culture Association at your disposal, providing legal and professional assistance to apartment block representatives who are members of the association. Please call 09-9547917 for further information.