‘’Story Nest’ Communal Library

One of the residents of the city suggested the idea to set up the community library and approached the Park Administration with a request to facilitate its operation. As soon as the idea was shared with the park volunteers, they started planning the library. Aviram Zohar, a master carpenter, used reused wood and recycled materials to build the library. The Park Library was established with the goal to encourage and connect residents and visitors to the world of books, allowing them to unplug from their mobile phones, and read a good book in a relaxing and inviting environment. The library is open to the public and welcomes everyone to borrow, enjoy and return books and even donate books for the benefit of others.

The library is operated and maintained on an ongoing basis by the "Herzliya Park Volunteers" group, which performs volunteer work in Herzliya Park and Beit Keynan. Library volunteers take turns in the operation of the library, arranging books, registering and stamping them, and organizing and maintain the library.

A communal library was also established at Beit Keynan, made entirely from recycled materials. Visitors to Beit Keynan are welcome to visit and enjoy the library.

Guidelines and Procedures

The ‘’Story Nest’ Communal Library was built for the benefit of Park visitors. The library is fully operated by the "Herzliya Park Volunteers". The library is project aims to encourage reading and repurpose outdated books. The books are available for everyone to borrow, read, enjoy, and return for others to also enjoy. You may borrow a book for a period of time and take it home, but please remember that the library is for everyone, if the library is emptied, there will be no more books to borrow. Everyone is invited to donate books (reading books only, for adults and children), you can contact us by email: TaliC@herzliya.muni.il and we will be happy to receive your donations.

Wishing you pleasant reading,

Herzliya Park Team & the Park Volunteers Group