Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art showcases contemporary works of art, providing a platform for young Israeli and international artists and supporting future generations of artists.

In a country like Israel, that is steeped in constant tension and incessant wars, art - much like television and the press - plays a vital role. The museum, therefore, looks beyond the internal art-world discourse, focusing on works influenced by the social and political situation.

Each year, the museum presents about 50 solo exhibitions over four exhibition cycles. The common context for all exhibitions is their relevance to current events in both the local and global fields. This choice gains momentum thanks to fascinating collaborations between local and international artists, and emphasizes the power of art to cross borders, communicate and perhaps even make an impact.


Opening Hours:
Tuesday, Thursday 16.00-20.00
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10.00-14.00
Sunday - Closed


For more information please visit the Museum's website