Parking Permits

‘’I am a Resident of Herzliya ’’  - parking permits (stickers).

New residents who own a vehicle are entitled to receive ‘’I am a Resident of Herzliya ’’ parking sticker for your vehicle. The sticker entitles residents to park, free of charge, at blue and white marked zones in most areas of the city and discounts for parking at municipal parking lots.

  • Full instructions on how to obtain the sticker can be found on the website.
  • To speak to a municipal representative call us at 09-9509223 from Sunday to Thursday between 13:00-15:00.
  • Eligibility to receive a ‘’I am a Herzliya Resident’’ parking sticker, requires the vehicle owner to be a resident of Herzliya, whose address is updated on the identity card.
  • Generally, blue, and white parking is free in most parts of the city, except for a two-hour parking restriction on Ben-Gurion, Sokolov, and in the business area (segments marked accordingly). Click here for additional information.