Resident File allows access to online services and information. 
You may receive information about the various services offered through the municipality online system. This service requires that you register for the resident file system and provide identification.
Available information and inquiries:  
•    Municipal Account Status
•    Payment of fines, bills etc’.
•    Registered properties and water consumption information
•    Registration to municipal newsletter by email
•    Parking tickets
•    Municipal hotline inquiries   

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Revenue Division (property tax, Land Registry Office and levies)

You may pay your bills and all other municipal payments via the phone or via the following links on this website:
Pay your property tax (arnona) via the phone 24/7 on 03-9275803. Would you like to receive your property tax invoice directly via email? Sign-up here (opens in a new window)

Pay your Property Tax Online (opens in a new window) 
Direct Debit for Property Tax
Application forms for discounted property tax

You may contact our revenue division via:
•    Digital Form (opens in a new window) 
•    Phone: 09-9591601 (08.00-16.00)
•    Reception is only possible by booking an appointment (opens in a new window)
Payment of Parking Tickets

Parking tickets, alerts and signs, can be paid over the phone, as well as via the following links:
Pay your parking ticket 
Pay your inspection, signage and veterinary ticket (opens in a new window) 

Reception hours at the Parking Department:

Reception hours and phone hours 

For additional inquiries and questions contact the parking department at   
For information about parking and resident permits