Business Zone 

As one of Israel's most advanced and sought-after business areas, Herzliya's Business Zone is a popular location for job seekers and employers. The Business Zone is home to over a thousand businesses and has an occupancy rate of 95%.

As the range and diversity of businesses has changed over the years, many high-tech companies have established themselves in modern, innovative buildings on land formerly occupied by industrial buildings and garages.

The Business Zone is strategically positioned with easy access to Highway 2 and the Ayalon Highway (Highway 20). Herzliya train station is in close proximity, from which buses depart frequently and arrive directly at the Business Zone via a fast public transportation route.

Business Zone accessibility is expected to improve with the construction of the green light rail line and the metro which are both planned to pass through the Business Zone. The area is also under significant redevelopment. Herzliya municipality is rehabilitating infrastructure, roads, sidewalks, lighting, and paving bike lanes on every street in the Business Zone. In addition to the bike lanes within the Business Zone, additional bike lanes are planned to provide easy access from the city centre to central Tel Aviv in a comfortable, pleasant, and safe manner.

Microsoft, Apple, General Motors, Playtika and AppsFlyer are just some of the companies located in Herzliya’s Business Zone which offers the highest standard of services to an approximate 50,000 employees, on a daily basis.

Recent years have seen a promotion of the outline plan for the Business Zone (Har/2440). Besides supporting employment and trade rights, the plan also includes the construction of over 3,000 small units (microunits) and public buildings, as well as the improvement of existing open public areas. It is anticipated that these factors will enhance the Business Zone transforming it into a lively district throughout all hours of the day, while promoting its employment appeal. The area already offers an abundance of cafes and restaurants, and nightlife venue options are anticipated to dramatically increase during the next few years.

Business Zone Operations

For businesses that already exist Herlizya’s Business Zone, as well as businesses aspiring to relocate to the area, the Business Zone Administration is an excellent resource. Its purpose, among others, is to improve the relationship between all the entities that operate in the Business Zone, as well as to facilitate and strengthen the relationship between the companies and the municipality. The Administration provides assistance and access to services to all entities operating in the Business Zone, from companies and entrepreneurs to small and medium-sized businesses. In addition to integrating cultural and leisure events, the Administration seeks to turn the employment district into a lively, vibrant area. Furthermore, the Administration supports initiatives aimed at stimulating economic activity.

Feel free to contact the Business Zone Administration Offices with any offer, inquiry, and request.

Business Zone Administration Director – Tamir Zoreach

Business Zone Administration Office Manager – Orly Mor 09-9504969

Public transportation from the train station to the Business Zone:

The list of "Metropolitan" lines that depart from Herzliya train station to the Business Zone:

* To the northern area of the Business Zone: 3,13,27,29,30,39,213
* To the southern area of the Business Zone: 9, 19

Without stops or searching for a vacant parking space…public transportation is the most convenient and efficient way to reach the office!

* Buses leave the station every few minutes, all buses travel along the public transport route

City Centre 

Herzliya Municipality views small and medium-sized businesses as important assets and essential sources of economic growth which are an integral part of the city's culture. The municipality promotes and develops the business environment, ensures local and sustainable economic growth, and assists business owners in their professional and business development. We are committed to supporting local businesses, which is why we promote events, ventures, and collaborations that increase sales potential and business growth. With an emphasis on leveraging commercial, cultural, and business activities, the City Centre Administration is the professional organization responsible for developing Herzliya's centre. With the objective of creating a bustling and lively business environment in the heart of Herzliya, the aim will be to provide a higher standard of quality of life for businesses currently operating in the city.

Our entire municipal team is committed to your success!

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