Getting around in Herzilya

Getting around Herzilya is easy and convenient. One of the best ways to see Herzilya is by foot!
Walk around the various different areas or take a ride on your bike. The entire city is pedestrian friendly and bike paths can be found in many areas. 

Other ways of moving around in the city:
1. Bus
The main bus company in Herzilya is Metropoline. The extensive bus network within Herzilya will get you to any location you desire (as well as connecting you to the rest of Israel). 
In order to ride the bus, you’ll need to purchase a “Rav-Kav” (also valid on trains). The Rav-Kav can be recharged accordingly and makes riding the bus efficient and convenient.  
There are two types of Rav-Kav: anonymous and personalized. Tourists typically purchase the anonymous card which can be bought on the bus for 5 NIS. You can use the “HopOn” and “Rav Kav Online” apps to recharge your card or visit one of the charging sites around the city. 

To see bus schedules, visit Moovit or Google Maps

2. Train
Herzilya’s train station connects the city to the rest of the country. Located in central Herzilya, the train is an excellent way to get to/from the city. Check the Israel Railways website for schedules. 

3. Taxi
Taxis are readily available throughout the city. Use the Gett app to order a taxi easily to any location. 

4. Share-route taxis
Share-route taxis are vans that travel along the bus routes. You can hail one (like a taxi) anywhere along the route. Many run seven days a week.