Welcome to one of the best and most innovative educational systems in the country. We recommend registering with the education system in advance. In the education portal on the municipality's website, you will find all the information you need to register your children.

Principle Registration Guidelines

To register your children for kindergarten or school, the following documents must be submitted to the Education Department:

  • A population registry extract from the Ministry of the Interior, stating the pupil’s name.
  • A copy of both parents’ identity cards and appendix slip (passport for new immigrants).
  • An official document indicating your new address, such as a purchase or rental contract.
  • Confirmation of property tax payment (a payment slip in your name). An 'Affidavit of Absence of Property Tax' signed by a lawyer must be presented if a property tax payment slip is not available.
  • Registration Cancellation Form (Deregistration Certificate) from the education department on behalf of the local authority in which you no longer reside.
  • Let us know the type of school and the kind of class you are looking for (regular, religious, special needs education).
  • An application for special needs education can only be submitted after a Characterization and Eligibility Committee decision has been submitted.

Kindergarten Registration

  • Please send all required documents to:
  • Registration Division Contact Number: 09-9705125/6

Primary and Secondary School Registration

Special Needs Education Registration