Dafna Minkov, an eight-year-old resident of the city, contacted the park's management in January 2017. Dafna enjoys traveling and has spent time with her family at various sites in Israel experiencing the activities of "The Young Inspector" which lead her to contact the park director with a request to initiate the same type of activity in Herzliya Park.

As with the communal library, the idea was immediately shared with the Park's Volunteer Team, and they worked for six months writing experiential tasks and activities that were complied into a fun family booklet. The name, "Etgar in the Park" [Park Challenge ] was the result of an exciting brainstorming session.

In the summer, the booklet was launched by the Mayor of Herzliya who congratulated Dafna and her family and encouraged them to continue initiating and motivating the community. Using this booklet, families can embark on a short and interesting journey together, explore nature in the Park, pay attention to the little details, and, mostly importantly, gain an appreciation for the Park.

The booklet is based on tasks for children that deal with the Park’s unique natural resources, and general topics from the fields of nature and sustainability.

← Attached to the booklet is an illustrated guide to bird species, its purpose is to help you identify birds and waterfowl as you explore the Park.

→ The brochure is "reusable" you can return to the Park at any time and during any season while enjoying the changes occurring in nature.

→ Answering questions and completing tasks requires observation and creative thinking on the part of the children.

→ The role of the parents is to help with the tasks and even guide the children as necessary.

The Activity Booklet allows you to choose two tracks:

• Northern and Central Route

• Southern Route

The task can be completed on a modular basis, allowing the exploration based on choice and movement between the different routes.

→ Each route displays attractive "stop stations" where tasks are presented.

→ Next to the tasks you can read relevant information about interesting topics at each station.

What will you need?

→ You must equip yourself with writing instruments.

→ It is advisable to equip yourself with binoculars for bird watching activities.

→ Binoculars can also be borrowed in the Park at the Parkafe cafe located in the center of the Park, near the playgrounds, and requires depositing an ID as a guarantee. Please ensure to taker care of the binoculars and return them - they are intended for everyone.

Where can I purchase the booklet?

The cost of the booklet is 5 NIS.

Activity booklets can be purchased at the two cafes located in the Park:

→ "Parkafe" located in the center of the Park.

→ "Story Garden Cafe" located in the southern part of the Park.

The booklet can also be downloaded from the Herzliya Park website.









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Herzliya Park Treasure Hunt

Herzliya EscaPark Team specializes in educational technologies for parks and works in close cooperation with Herzliya Park.​

The EscaPark team operates on behalf of the ‘Shchafaim’ centre for gifted children in Herzliya.

The members of the team are the students of the program in the seventh grade.

To play the game two applications must be installed:

Click on GooseChase, download, and install the app, then return to the website and click on EscaPark, download and install the app.

Then enter the GooseChase widget and then access the EscaPark game using the game code: 4XBL79


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