Herzilya Park was built on agricultural fields and open areas and spans approximately 250 dunam (62 acres). It was built on the “Basa” (swamp in Arabic) land. While building the park, emphasis was placed on keeping the original “Basa” land which includes natural hills and valleys.

The park was planned  to create a nature site allowing visitors who entered to feel an instant disconnect from the city. Due to the park’s location, in the lowest spot in the city and along the coast, the park’s architects were able to recognize the unique natural properties in the park, particularly the winter puddle, and decided to integrate them as part of the urban park which opened in 2008.

The park is home to many unique attractions perfect for all ages. These include the “food forest”, planted by locals featuring a wide variety of fruit trees including pomegranates, almonds, walnuts, cherries and more. The plant garden, created together with local school children in 2014, is home to a wide variety of herbs and spices. The park attracts a wide range of birds that visit during their migration north and south during different times of the year. The park hosts two bodies of water: the winter pool that fills up with natural water in the winter and the man-made pool filled with fish all year-round. Lastly, the park features a community library run by local volunteers.

What else is available in Herzliya park?


Important information about Herzilya Park :

  • Playground lights go off at 10pm

  • Bathroom opening hours: 6am-10pm

  • Park train, active on Saturdays when possible. 

The park features an advanced find and track voice system for visitors who are blind or have vision impairments. 

Holding an event in the park:

a party / birthday in Herzliya Park / Galil Yam / Beit Kenan, subject to prior approval by filling out and sending an application form